Questions and answers

If your application for residence permit as a displaced person from Ukraine was refused, you can appeal the decision to the Immigration Appeals Board. The letter you received from the Immigration Service with the decision contains information about how to appeal.

An appeal must be received within 8 weeks from you receive the decision. If you appeal after this deadline your appeal will normally not be processed. 

If you appeal to the Immigration Appeals Board within 7 days after you received the decision you have the right to remain in Denmark while your appeal is processed. 

If you appeal later than 7 days, the Immigration Appeals Board will decide whether you can stay in Denmark during the processing of the appeal. An appeal can normally only have suspensive effect if very special circumstances are in force. 

If you receive a final refusal and you cannot remain in Denmark on other grounds, you will be given a date by which you need to leave Denmark. If you remain in Denmark after this date, you will be here illegally.

If you do not leave Denmark in accordance with your departure date, you risk being expelled and given an entry ban. If you are expelled from Denmark, you are banned from entering Denmark or any other EU or Schengen country for two years. If you are expelled from Denmark, you can be forcibly deported by the police.


It is possible for you to apply for asylum in Denmark if you believe that you are in danger of abuse or persecution if you return to Ukraine. Read more about asylum

It is possible for you to apply for a residence and work permit In Denmark if you have been offered a job in Denmark. We encourage you to read about The Pay Limit Schemes for salary and whether the work is covered by the Positive Lists before you fill in an application.

You must be aware that the application must be submitted while you still have the right to reside in Denmark (procedural stay). Read more about residence on the grounds of work