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Special groups

Some groups can work in Denmark without a residence and work permit due to their professional field or specific situation.

The following groups can work in Denmark without a work permit:

Professional board members are not required to hold a residence and work permit provided that they spend a maximum of 40 days in Denmark while carrying out their duties as a board member.

The following groups can work without a residence and work permit, provided that the duration of their stay does not exceed three consecutive months:

  • Researchers and lecturers invited to teach or lecture in Denmark
  • Foreign nationals who are to work as researchers or guest researchers in affiliation with a university or company in Denmark
  • Potential PhD students who are to participate in a screening process to enable the university in Denmark to determine whether the foreign national should begin a PhD programme at the univertity
  • Artists, including musicians and other entertainers, whose participation constitutes a substantial or essential part of a noteworthy artistic event
  • Representatives of foreign companies or organisations which do not have a branch office in Denmark, who are on business trips in Denmark. Representatives on business trips should normally be taken to mean representatives of foreign companies or organisations who are visiting Denmark with the intention of entering into contracts to buy or sell products or services. However, if a representative of a foreign company or organisation if firmly attached to a Danish company or organisation and is carrying out work for it, a residence and work permit is required - even for a short stay in Denmark
  • Fitters, consultants or instructors hired to fit, install, inspect or repair machines, equipment, computer programmes or similar items, or provide information on the use of such items, provided the person is employed by the firm that manufactured the equipment. 
    Read more about the fitter rule
  • Individuals employed in the household of foreign nationals visiting Denmark for up to three months
  • Professional athletes and coaches who are to participate in a particular major athletic event or participate in a tryout for a Danish sports club. If the foreign national signs an employment contract, a residence and work permit must be issued before he or she can begin work. Training after an employment contract is signed is considered work, and therefore requires a residence and work permit

Exemption from the residence and work permit requirement does not waive the requirement for a visitor's visa. Consequently, you must hold a visitor's visa if you are a citizen of a country with a visa requirement to enter Denmark.

See list of countries with a visa requirement

Turkish citizens working in Denmark

If you are a Turkish citizen with a Danish residence permit based on, for example, asylum or family reunification, and your permit has been revoked or denied extension, the Association Agreement between Turkey and the EU makes it possible for you to be granted a new residence permit, if you have legally resided and worked in Denmark for an extensive period of time.

Last update: 5/17/2016
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