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Cultural visits

You can be granted a visa in order to take part in cultural or scientific events such as congresses, sporting events, etc.

You must be able to document the purpose of your visit. For example, if you are an athlete planning to participate in a sporting event in Denmark, you must document a connection to the sport in question.

If your company/organisation will be holding a large international event where many of the participants will need visas, the Immigration Service can help you with the preliminary planning. Read more about holding large events.

Special rules apply for applicants from Somalia and Syria

See: Guideline No. 9188 of 20 March 2015 on aliens’ access to Denmark on the basis of a visa   

If the Immigration Service considers that there is a high degree of risk that you will seek permanent or long-term residency in Denmark or another Schengen country, your visa application will be turned down.

Read more about processing time.

Read more about how to apply.

Last update: 6/12/2015
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