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Overview of case categories and fees

Below follows the conclusive list of case categories where a processing fee is required, and the amount of the fee in question (2016 amounts):

Positive List and Pay Limit scheme DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Fast-track scheme DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Certification of company DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Greencard scheme DKK 7,210
(Euro 968)
Greencard, dispensation from lapse DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Other schemes in the area of work DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Study permits DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
PhD DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Researchers and guest researchers DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Start-up Denmark DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Establishment card for students with a Danish degree DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Au pairs and interns DKK 2,480
(Euro 333)
Accompanying family members to employees, researchers, greencard and students DKK 1,720
(Euro 231)
Religious workers DKK 2,325
(Euro 312)
Extension of Positive List and Pay Limit scheme DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Extension of Fast-track DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Extension of certification of company DKK 3,320(Euro 446)
Extension of Greencard DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Extension of other schemes in the area of work (incl. permits for self-employment granted before january 1 2015) DKK 3,320
(Euro 446)
Extension of study permits DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Extension of PhD DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Extension of Start-up Denmark DKK 1,845
(Euro 248)
Extension of researchers and guest researchers DKK 3,320(Euro 446)
Extension of au pairs and interns DKK 2,480
(Euro 333)
Extension of accompanying family members of employees, researchers, greencard and students DKK 1,720(Euro 231)
Extension of religious workers DKK 1,805
(Euro 242)
Permanent residence permit (work and study) DKK 5,525
(Euro 742)
Permanent residence permit (religious workers) DKK 3,890(Euro 522)
Appeals (all case types) DKK 815
(Euro 109)
Re-opening of case (all case types) DKK 815(Euro 109)
Administration fee deducted when refunding case processing fee DKK 815(Euro 109)

There is no fee for submitting a complaint over the way a case was processed.

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Last update: 1/2/2016
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