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At this page you will learn more about how to apply for a registration certificate or family reunification under EU law as a Union citizen/an EEA national.

If the applicant lives or resides in Denmark, s/he can apply for a registration certificate or residence card at the State Administration.

If the applicant lives outside Denmark, she/he can submit the application to a Danish mission (embassy or consulate) in the applicant's country of origin or in the country in which s/he has stayed continuously for the past three months.

A registration certificate is issued as a letter from the State Administration to Union citizens/EEA nationals exercising the right of free movement in Denmark or to their family members who are Union citizens or EEA/Swiss nationals. A registration certificate has no expiry date. A residence card is issued as a credit-card-sized plastic card by the State Administration to family members who are third-country nationals. A residence card has a expiry date.

To shorten the length of the processing period it is essential to enclose all relevant documents with the application. Further information about the necessary documents and the expected length of the processing period is available from the State Administration.

Union citizens/EEA nationals can obtain more information about which family members may be eligible for a registration certificate or residence card and the conditions that must be satisfied at the State Administration.

Learn more about the conditions applicable to Danish nationals applying for family reunification under EU law.

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Last update: 4/9/2014
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