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If you are granted a residence permit under the Special Act, the Immigration Service will also decide in which municipality you will live. The municipality you must live in will be responsible for your integration including finding a place for you to live, making employment efforts and the payment of allowances. 

Although it is the Immigration Service that makes the decision, we will try to accommodate your request as much as possible when deciding which municipality you will live in. Therefore, you must provide information about any wishes in the application form.

However, we cannot accommodate all requests, as we have already decided how many people covered by the Special Act will live in each of the Danish municipalities. This means that when deciding where an individual is going to live, the Immigration Service must ensure that in all municipalities in the country will be a fixed number of people covered by the Special Act and no more than that. In this way, all Danish municipalities help solve the task of welcoming the displaced from Ukraine who are covered by the Special Act.

If there is no more space to place people in a particular municipality, it may still be possible to accommodate a wish to live in that municipality. This applies:

  • if you have close family members (your spouse or minor children) who already live in the municipality,
  • if you have been offered an actual job in the municipality (you must remember to attach documentation of the job offer to your application - you will then be placed in this or a nearby municipality if the total daily time of transportation between your home and work is less than 2 hours), or
  • if any other extraordinary circumstances are present

Du skal være opmærksom på, at selvom du har været privat indkvarteret i en kommune, eller at du har andre familiemedlemmer end den helt nære familie i en kommune, som du er indrejst i Danmark sammen med, ikke i sig selv betyder, at du også kommer til at bo i den samme kommune. På samme måde kan vi ikke garantere, at du kommer til at bo i samme kommune som slægtninge, du er indrejst i Danmark med. 

You must be aware that you cannot be certain to be placed in the same municipality where you have been accommodated before you were granted a residence permit or in the same municipality as family members in Denmark, you did not travel together with. In the same way we cannot guarantee that you will live in the same municipality as relatives you travel to Denmark with. 

If you already have another residence permit in Denmark, the Immigration Service will not decide where you will live.

You cannot appeal the Immigration Service’ decision on where you must live. 

If you have wished to live in a specific municipality but the Immigration Service did not meet your wish, it is stated in the letter granting you residence permit, why the Immigration Service has placed you in another municipality than the one you wished for. 

In certain situations, the Immigration Service will reconsider your case in order to assess your placement in a municipality once again. 

The case on placement can be reconsidered if you bring new information, which:

  • was present when the Immigration Service made the first decision on your placement, and 
  • is so relevant that the case most likely would have had another outcome if we knew about the information at the time of the decision. 

In certain situations, you can move to a new municipality after you have moved to the municipality where the Immigration Service has decided you must live. 

If you wish to move, you must contact the municipality where you live. 

The new municipality where you wish to live must approve you moving there, and they must take over your self-support and return program. 

If you moving is of significant relevance for your integration program, the municipality must take over the responsibility for your program. 

The decision is not made by the Immigration Service but by the municipality where you wish to live. 

Once you have been granted a residence permit under the Special Act, you can leave on equal terms with other foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Denmark.

When you hold a residence permit under the Special Act, you may return to your home country for a period. You can therefore travel to Ukraine without this having any consequences for your residence permit.

However, if you give up your residence in Denmark, your residence permit will lapse immediately.

If you travel abroad for extended periods you may also risk lapsing of your residence permit.

However, this does not apply if you have left for Ukraine with a so-called worthy purpose. It may, for instance, be to perform Ukrainian military service, perform relief work, or other humanitarian work, either as an affiliate of a humanitarian organization or on your own. It may also be to help family or other relatives out of Ukraine.

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You must have a valid residence card to re-enter Denmark after a stay abroad. If you have not yet received your residence card, you must obtain a re-entry permit. You can apply for a re-entry permit at the Immigration Service.

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If you have a child under the age 18 who you wish to have a residence card, you must apply for one. Read more about residence cards