If you have any questions or want to send additional documents to SIRI regarding an application, the best and easiest way is to send it electronically.

The most secure option is to use our contact form here on Newtodenmark.dk. This ensures that your communication with SIRI is secure - when you press the send button, it is comparable to handing a letter to us in person.

You can also use Digital Post if you need to send us information of a confidential or sensitive nature. This, however, requires that you have MitID.

If you log onto either lifeindenmark.dk (as a citizen), virk.dk (as an organisation) or e-Boks (both citizens and organisations) and select Digital Post, you can search for 'Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration'.

Go to lifeindenmark.dk

Go to virk.dk

Go to e-boks.dk