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On this page you can find printable application forms and online forms (digital self-service) needed in connection with an application to the immigration authorities.

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Several of our application forms are available as online forms. Click on 'Apply online' to find your online form.

Form guide (pdf)

Visa (short-term), family reunification, asylum or permanent residence:
The Danish Immigration Service Form Guide

Work, studies, au pair, internship or working holiday:
> The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration Form Guide

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VU1 Invitation for business visa

Visa (short term) Invitation form to be completed by the host company in Denmark and submitted by the applicant together with the visa application. Note: When the invitation is submitted together with the visa application it will normally not be nessecary to obtain further information from the host company, which will shorten the processing time. Other
VU1 online Invitation for business visa

Visa (short term) VU1 online invitation form to be filled in by the host company in Denmark. If the applicant gives the invitation ID when submitting the visa application, the host company will not normally need to supply any further information which will shorten processing time. Please note that you need a digital employee signature or NemID to use the online form. Self Service