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How to book an appointment in SIRI's Citizen Centre

In order for you to book an appointment in the Citizen Centre of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), you must use our booking system.

You can book an appointment in order to

  • submit an application,
  • have your biometric data recorded,
  • apply for a re-entry permit or
  • apply for a new residence card

Please note that it is not possible to book an appointment to receive personal guidance on the rules covering residence permits in our Citizen Centre. If you need guidance, we ask you to call us instead.

Read more about how to contact SIRI by phone

Book an appointment

Before you will have the opportunity to book an appointment, you must answer the following question.

We ask you this question because we want to make sure that your appointment is with SIRI and not the Danish Immigration Service.

If you are in Denmark because you have been granted asylum or on grounds of family reunification, you must instead contact the Danish Immigration Service.

What is the reason for your stay in Denmark?

Last update: 2/20/2017
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