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Employees on moveable oil rigs, drillships etc.

You can be granted a residence and work permit to work on an oil rig, drillship or other comparable movable work stations temporarily situated on Danish territory. This includes foreign nationals employed on pipe-laying ships or wind turbine installation vessels or similar.


It is a condition that your salary and employment conditions correspond to Danish standards. In addition, it is normally a condition that prior to working on Danish territory, you have had similar employment on the moveable work station or that you have previously been employed in a similar position with the foreign company.

In order to be included in the scheme, your off-shore work situation must be:

  • the performance of a short-term work task on Danish territory and
  • a work task which is being carried out by a special vessel or ship which will leave Danish territory upon completion of the work task

Work situations in Danish harbours or close lying areas, e.g. work on a dredging vessel, are not included in the scheme.


You will be granted a residence and work permit for the limited time period that the moveable work station is situated on Danish territory (usually one to three months). A permit cannot be granted for longer than six months.

Please note that it is a condition that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the duration of your residence permit.

Read more about passport requirements in connection with your application

If you find a new job

If you find a new job while you are working, you may begin your new job before you have received a new permit, provided that you submit an application for a new residence and work permit no later than the day you start your new job.

How to apply

Read more about how to apply for a residence and work permit as an employee

Family members

You cannot normally bring your family members to Denmark if you hold a residence permit as an employee on an oil rig or similar.

The contact person arrangement

If you represent a company or business in Denmark with foreign employees, you can be assigned a contact person in the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration who can guide you through the rules and regulations.

Read more about the contact person arrangement

Last update: 9/23/2015
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