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In order for you to be issued a residence and work permit under the Fast-track scheme, the company in Denmark where you will be employed must be certified by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

The scheme is intended for larger companies with a real need to recruit highly qualified foreign employees quickly. The scheme encompasses both private and public companies, including universities.


In order to be certified, the company must meet the following conditions:

  • The company must pay the correct fee
  • In general, salary and employment conditions at the Danish company must correspond to Danish standards. If the company is not party to a collective bargaining agreement, the company must declare that it meets this condition
  • The Danish company must have at least 20 full-time employees
  • The company must not be involved in a legal labour dispute
  • At the time of certification the company must not have serious issues with the Danish Working Environment Authority (the company must not have been issued a red smiley by the Danish Working Environment Authority)
    Read more about red smileys issued by the Danish Working Environment Authority (new window)  
  • Within the past 2 years, the company must not have been convicted repeatedly or been subject to a fine of at least DKK 20,000 under the Danish Aliens Act
  • The company must participate in a guidance meeting at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration

Please note that at the guidance meeting, the company must send a representative with the right to sign a statement that the company has received and understood the information regarding the Fast-track scheme.

A company’s certification can be revoked if it has been achieved through deceit or if the conditions are no longer met. When revoking the certification, The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration must issue the company with a 2-year ban during which time the company cannot become certified.

How to apply

An application for certification must be submitted online.

You can book the guidance meeting in connection with submitting the online application.

Online application for certification
> FT1 online (new window)


The company must pay a fee to have the application for certification processed. To pay the fee the compnay must first create a Case Order ID.

Create Case Order ID and pay the fee (new window)

Read more about payment of fees (new window)


A company which meets the conditions will be certified for a period of 4 years with the option of extending the certification, provided that the conditions are still met.

Certified companies

Certified companies (company name and CVR no.) will be published here on

Verification and the possibility of having the certification revoked

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration will continuously check that certified companies meet the conditions, including the conditions of having at least 20 full-time employees, no serious issues with the Danish Working Environment Authority and not having been convicted under the Danish Aliens Act. Verification can be done in the form of spot-checks, among other things. In addition, verification of residence permits under the Fast-track scheme will take place as part of the Agency’s regular checks to verify whether the conditions for a residence and work permit as an employee continue to be met by both the employee and the company.

The contact person arrangement

If you represent a company or business in Denmark with foreign employees, you can be assigned a contact person in the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration who can guide you through the rules and regulations.

Read more about the contact person arrangement

Last update: 6/28/2016
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