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Accompanying family members

If you hold a residence and work permit, you can usually bring your family with you to Denmark.

You can also bring your family, if you hold a residence permit in Denmark based on participation in PhD studies or employment at ESS in Sweden.

A residence permit can be granted to your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner as well as your children under the age of 18, who are living with you. To be regarded as cohabiting partners, you must normally have lived together for a period of at least 18-24 months.

In extraordinary cases, it is possible to for your child over the age of 18, who is living with you, or for your parents, to be granted a residence permit.

Your accompanying family member does not need to apply for a work permit, as the residence permit includes the right to work or study during the stay in Denmark.


You and your family must live together at the same address in Denmark. Furthermore, you must be able to support your family financially and may be asked to document this. Consequently, your family may not receive public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act (social benefits).

Please note that if you hold a residence permit under the Greencard scheme, your family members cannot be granted a residence permit until you have found a place to live in Denmark, have found a job, and are being paid a salary. Therefore, your family members should not apply for a residence permit until you meet these requirements.

Residence permit for children over 18 and parents

In extraordinary cases and after an individual assessment, it is possible for your child over the age of 18, who is living with you, or for your parents, to be granted a residence permit. This may be the case when two or more of the following situations apply:

  • You have always supported your family member financially and lived together with him/her
  • Your family member is deemed especially dependant of you because of a handicap, old age, or similar
  • There is no other family in your home country
  • Your family member has previously accompanied you when you have been stationed abroad


An application for a residence permit as an accompanying family member must include the following:


Your accompanying family members will normally be granted a residence permit with the same duration as yours, but for a maximum of four years, and after eight years for five years at a time, if you have been granted a permanent residence permit.

If you have been granted a residence permit for job seeking after your job contract has expired, your accompanying family members will be given a residence permit valid for the duration of the job seeking period. This also applies to children who turn 18 during this period.

If your residence permit is extended, your accompanying family members' permit will be extended by the same period of time, provided that you and your family members are still living together at the same address.

Children who were granted a residence permit before turning 18 can have their permit extended beyond the age of 18, provided that they are still living at home with you.

Please note that it is a condition that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the duration of your residence permit.

Please note: Even infants, including children born in Denmark, must hold a valid passport.


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Last update: 5/31/2017
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