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Business visits

It is possible to get a visa in connection with a business visit in Denmark.

You can be issued a visa in connection with a business visit if there is an actual commercial relationship between your own company/organisation and the company/organisation in Denmark which you wish to visit.

The relationship with the company/organisation in Denmark must have been established prior to your entering Denmark, and the purpose of your visit must be related to your line of business in your country of origin. However, special rules apply for applicants from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

A decision to approve or refuse a visa application is made in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Visa Executive Order.

See: Executive Order no. 376 of 20 March 2015 on aliens’ access to Denmark on the basis of a visa 

See: Order no. 202 of 27 February 2017 to change Executive Order no. 376 of 20 March 2015 on Aliens' Access to Denmark on the Basis of a Visa

See also: Guideline no. 9201 af 27/02/2017 for processing an application for a Danish visa

If you are subject to work permit regulations, you will not be granted a business visa. This can be the case if you are a trainee receiving pay while in Denmark, or if you are employed by a Danish company's foreign sister company or subsidiary, and you are in Denmark in order to work for the Danish company. If this applies to you, you should not apply for a business visa but for a work permit. Read more about work.

However, during visits of less than 90 days you may carry out certain work-related activities without holding a work permit. Read more about visa and work permit.

If your company/organisation will be holding a large international event where many of the participants will need visas, the Immigration Service can help you organising the application process. Read more about holding large events.

A company in Denmark can get a prior approval to receive business visits. A prior approval makes it easier and more flexible for the company to receive business visits from foreigners who require a visa. Read more about prior approval for companies.

If the Immigration Service suspects that you intend to seek permanent or long-term residency in Denmark or another Schengen country, your visa application will be turned down. In the past, there have been cases of individuals misusing a business visa. This has resulted in measures to prevent misuse of business visas issued to Chinese citizens.

How many applications?

The Danish authorities process about 140,000 visa applications annually. Approximately 9 out of 10 visa applications are processed within 15 days by the Danish diplomatic missions around the world.

In many instances, visas for business visits are issued directly by the Danish diplomatic mission without the involvement of the Immigration Service. These cases are known as bona fide cases.

Applications processed by the Immigration Service

Applications processed by the Immigration Service If a Danish embassy or consulate cannot make a decision on a visa application on its own, the application will be turned over to the Immigration Service, which will issue the decision. The Immigration Service processes applications if there is information that must be evaluated further. This information may relate to things such as the firm/organisation that is seeking to visit Denmark.

In certain situations, a Danish embassy or consulate will be required to ask the Danish Immigration Service to process an application. Read more about which applications the Immigration Service is required to process in section 28 of the Executive Order on Visas

In general, the Immigration Service will issue a visa if you can document that you are commercially active and wish to come to Denmark as part of these activities, e.g. to trade, make an business deal or inspect machines or products prior to purchasing them from the Danish company/organisation.

When processing your visa application, the Immigration Service takes into consideration the purpose of your visit as well as your background, and it assesses whether there is reason to suspect that you intend to seek permanent or long-term residency in Denmark or another Schengen country.

The company/organisation in Denmark will normally have access to information about your visa application, and the Immigration Service will automatically send a copy of the ruling to the company/organisation.


You must be able to document your line of business by providing, for example, a business permit or a proof of registration issued by the relevant authorities in your country of origin.

Further documentation of your background can include proof of your education, proof of previous business dealings within the same field, or proof of the financial resources of your company.

If you apply to visit a company/organisation a part of a group, the  application must include a description of each applicant's role during the visit.

The company/organisation in Denmark must confirm your visit. If you have not included an invitation form or an invitation ID when submitting the application at a Danish embassy or consulate, the Immigration Service will normally send a questionnaire to the company/organisation in Denmark when processing your application.

The company/organisation will be asked to provide further information about the purpose of visit, including information about any previous commercial relations with you, how contact with you was established, as well as documentation that the company/organisation in Denmark is commercially active. If a concrete offer to buy or sell machines or products has been made, a copy of the offer should be included in the application. In certain cases, a detailed itinerary for the visit will be required.

It is a good idea for the company/organisation in Denmark to include with the invitation other relevant information regarding the company itself, the relationship between the company/organisation and you, as well as the specific purpose of your visit.

A decision to ask the Immigration Service to process an application is made based on the information submitted to the embassy or consulate, as well as the information submitted by the Danish firm/organisation that will be receiving the visitors.

If the Immigration Service requires more information about you, it will contact the diplomatic mission where you submitted your application.

After processing your application, the Immigration Service will send its ruling to the diplomatic mission where you submitted your application.

Read more about processing time.

Read more about how to apply.

Last update: 3/10/2017
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