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Information on a visa sticker

Here you can see what a visa sticker looks like and what information it contains. The old visa sticker is gradually being replaced by the new one. However, an old visa sticker will still be valid for the period specified.

The new visa sticker

Picture of the new visa sticker

The old visa sticker

Picture of the old visa sticker

Text A

The section entitled 'VALID FOR' states where the visa is valid, meaning the area the holder is permitted to visit. The sticker shown above is valid for the entire Schengen region.

Text B

The section entitled 'FROM…UNTIL' states the period in which the visa is valid.

After the word 'FROM' the first date on which travel into Denmark (or the Schengen region) is permitted is shown. After the word 'UNTIL' the last permitted day of the stay is shown, taking into consideration the maximum number of days in which the holder can stay in Denmark (or the Schengen region), see 'Text D' below.

Text C

The section entitled 'NUMBER OF ENTRIES' states the number of times the holder is allowed to enter the area in which the visa is valid. The sticker shown above is valid for one entry.

Text D

The section entitled 'DURATION OF STAY… DAYS' states the maximum number of days in which the holder can stay in the area in which the visa is valid. This number of days can be spent either on one continual stay or various stays, within the time frame of the visa's validity and in accordance with the number of entries permitted. In other words, a visa holder may not spend more days in Denmark (or the Schengen region)than the amount of days stated in this section, regardless of the period of validity stated (cf. 'Text B').

Please note that the entire day of entry, as well as the entire day of exit, are included in the total number of days the holder can stay in the Schengen area, regardless of what time the holder arrives and departs.

Note also that the period in which the visa is valid (cf. 'Text B') typically surpasses the maximum number of days in which the holder can stay. The extra days grant the holder the possibility of delaying the trip to Denmark (or the Schengen region) by a couple of days if necessary, without having to shorten the stay.

Text E

The section entitled 'ISSUED IN' states in which city the visa was issued by a diplomatic mission. In this case Accra, Ghana.

Last update: 8/27/2010
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