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Accompanying family members

If you hold a residence permit as a student at a higher educational programme or at a PhD programme, you can usually bring your family with you to Denmark.

A residence permit can be granted to your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner as well as your children under the age of 18, who are living with you. To be regarded as cohabiting partners, you must normally have lived together for a period of at least 18-24 months.

Your accompanying family member does not need to apply for a work permit, as the residence permit includes the right to work or study during the stay in Denmark.

Your family members cannot be granted a residence permit if they apply during your job search period. However, if they were granted a residence permit while you were studying, it will still be valid for the additional six months of the job search period.


You and your family must live together at the same address in Denmark. Furthermore, you must be able to support your family financially and must be able to document this. Consequently, your family may not receive public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act (social benefits).


An application for a residence permit as an accompanying family member must include the following:

  • Marriage certificate (for spouses or registered partners)
  • Documentation of cohabitation such as lease contracts, ensurance policies, or similar, with both your and your partner's names on (for cohabiting partners)
  • Birth certificate (for children under 18)
  • Letter of consent from the other custody holder, if you and the other parent have joint custody of the child, and the child is travelling with you only (for children under 18)
  • Documentation that you can support your accompanying family members. You must document that you have at your disposal an amount per family member equivalent to Danish student grants (SU) for the period of time covered by your residence permit, with 12 months being the maximum requirement. The monthly amount (2017 level) is DKK 6,015, making the maximum required amount 12 x 6,015 = DKK 72,180 per family member. Please note: The bank account must be in your (the student's) name


The residence permit for your accompanying family member can be extended along with your own permit, if all conditions are still being met. The time period of your family member's permit will match yours.

The residence permit of your accompanying child under the age of 18 can be extended beyond the age of 18, if he/she is still living with you.

Last update: 12/31/2016
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Published by: The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration