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Coming to Denmark

On these pages you can find information about the possibilities for foreign nationals to reside in Denmark.

Visa (short term)

General conditions - Visas under EU regulations - Do I need a visa? - Duration - Residence permit issued by another Schengen country


The Positive List - The Pay Limit scheme - The Fast-track scheme - The Greencard scheme


Higher educational programmes - Basic and youth study programmes - Folk high schools - How to apply - Extension

Au pairs

Information meetings - How to apply - Extension -Termination


How to apply - Extension - Termination

Working Holiday

Argentina - Australia - Canada - Chile - New Zealand - Japan - South Korea

Family Reunification

Spouses - Family reunification under EU law - Children - How to apply - Extension


Application for asylum - Humanitarian Residence permit -Quota refugees - Unaccompanied children - Information about countries

Permanent residence permit

Legal residence - Crime - Public debts - Public benefits - Declaration of Integration


Appeal guidelines

Nationality – how to become a Danish national

All about becoming a Danish national

The Association Agreement with Turkey

Economically active Turkish nationals - Earning rights


Create case order ID - Payment - About fees

If you leave Denmark

EU and Nordic citizens

Nordic citizens - EU/EEA citizens - Avenues for appeal

Religious workers

Residence cards with biometric features

The Faroe Islands


Comparison of registers


Last update: 3/29/2016
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