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Information about countries

Before the Immigration Service processes an asylum application, information is required about the conditions in the applicant's country of origin.

The Immigration Service’s Country of Origin Information Division collect and collate background information on conditions in asylum seekers' countries of origin. This background information forms the basis for the ruling in asylum cases, but the employees of the Country of Origin Information Division are excluded from the processing of all applications for asylum, and are not involved in the ruling on any asylum case.

Collection of background information

The Country of Origin Information Division continually processes information obtained from an extensive selection of reports, newsletters, journals and newspapers. A great deal of information is also retrieved via the internet. In addition, individual regional experts collect information through national and international networks, including contact to researchers and others with specialist knowledge of the area. Further information is also obtained by consulting the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations organisations and other relevant sources.

Fact-finding missions

Increasingly, the Country of Origin Information Division provides information gathered on fact-finding missions, in which regional experts themselves travel to the countries in question and collect information at meetings with national authorities, international organisations and national NGOs.

Trips of a shorter duration are carried out by the division itself, in order to resolve specific questions regarding specific cases. Missions with a broader theme are generally undertaken in cooperation with national partners, such as the Danish Refugee Council, or international partners, such as other countries' immigration authorities or NGOs.

Disclosure of background information

The results of fact-finding missions are presented in reports which are made available to the public. Find fact-finding reports

Last update: 10/19/2015
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