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Asylum seekers and foreign nationals without legal residence in Denmark are not covered by the national health insurance system. Instead, expenses for their healthcare are covered by the Danish Immigration Service.

Children of asylum seekers are entitled to the same healthcare as children who are residents of Denmark. Healthcare expenses concerning adult asylum seekers are covered by the Immigration Service provided the healthcare is necessary and:
  • urgent (treatment cannot be postponed) and/or
  • pain-relieving

In other words, the Immigration Service will cover expenses for treatment that relieves pain or that cannot be postponed. A treatment cannot be postponed if there is a risk that doing so will result in permanent injury,  in the condition worsening or in the condition becoming chronic. 

The operator of the asylum centre must apply to the Immigration Service for bail to necessary health treatment in each case. However, the asylum seeker may be referred directly for several types of treatment by the health staff at the asylum centre, such as consultations with a general practitioner, initial consultations with psychologists or psychiatrists and consultations with midwives and medical specialists, such as ear-nose-throat doctors.

Last update: 2/5/2016
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Published by: The Danish Immigration Service