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Danish police stations

Biometric features for residence cards can be recorded at a police station, if you live outside the Greater Copenhagen area. If you live in the Greater Copenhagen area you can have your biometric features recorded at the Citizen Service at the Danish Immigration Service or at the Citizen Centre at the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Danish police stations capable of recording biometric features:

Nordjyllands Politi i Ålborg: Jyllandsgade 27, 9000 Aalborg

Midt- og Vestjyllands Politi i Holstebro: Stationsvej 74, 7500 Holstebro

Østjyllands Politi i Århus: Ridderstræde 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Syd- og Østjyllands Politi i Horsens: Holmeboes Alle 2, 8700 Horsens

Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi i Esbjerg: Kirkegade 76, 6700 Esbjerg

Syd- og Sønderjyllands Politi i Sønderborg: Ringridervej 37, 6400 Sønderborg

Fyns Politi i Svendborg: Tvedvej 2, 5700 Svendborg

Nordsjællands Politi i Hillerød: Østergade 1, 3400 Hillerød

Midt- og Vestsjællands Politi i Køge: Kongsberg Allé 4, 4600 Køge

Sydsjællands Politi i Næstved: Parkvej 50, 4700 Næstved

Sydsjællands Politi i Nykøbing Falster: Vestergade 15, 4800 Nykøbing Falster

Bornholms Politi i Rønne: Zahrtmannsvej 44, 3700 Rønne

Contact information on the danish police stations capable of recording biometric featurest, including opening hours, can be found at

Last update: 4/27/2017
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Published by: The Danish Immigration Service and The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration