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Danish visa applications are being processed again (updated)

A solution has now been found to the technical problems in the immigration authorities’ digital visa system (VIS). This means that Danish diplomatic missions can once again process all types of visa cases. 

Digital control of visa holders at Denmark’s external Schengen boarders will be carried out as usual. 

The immigration authorities apologise for any inconvenience the technical problems have caused. As a result of the IT breakdown at the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, a considerate number of visa cases have accumulated. The authorities will seek to process and decide all cases as soon as possible. 

If you have submitted a visa application and have any questions in this connection, please contact the diplomatic mission where you submitted your application. 

Find contact information for Danish diplomatic mission at the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (new window)


Also, it is possible again to use the visa system at the Danish Immigration Service and the Department of the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, in relation to the processing of visa applications and appeals. However, the data recovery after the IT breakdown is still ongoing and data in relation to some individual cases may not yet be fully available to case workers.

Further information

Head of press and communications at the Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, Mia Tang, tel. 61 98 35 10,

Last update: 5/18/2016
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