If you have a residence permit according to the Greencard scheme you must be aware that maternity and parental leave can influence the conditions for extension of your residence permit.

Maternity and parental leave that is not taken up to a year before an application for extension will not influence your residence permit.

It will, however, have consequences if you do take maternity or parental leave in the one year period up to the submission of an application for extension of your Greencard.

The extension is conditional upon you having earned a certain amount in the one year period up to the date of your application for extension. This amount will be reduced proportionally according to the period of maternity or paternal leave.

Allowances received during your maternity or paternal leave are not included in our measure of your salary.

If you received your first Danish Greencard in 2013 you have to have earned a minimum of DKK 306.200 in the year prior to your application for extension in order to meet the conditions for extension. If you during this year had 6 months of maternity leave the salary demand will be proportionally reduced to DKK 153.100, corresponding to the 6 months you were not on maternity leave.

If you have taken maternity or parental leave for more than 6 months your residence permit can  be extended only with one more year.


If you received your first Greencard permit before 1 January 2015 and apply for your first extension after 1 January 2015, then maternity or parental leave will not influence your extension options. You will, however, have to document that your maternity or parental leave was taken in agreement with your employer, and that you, thus, have been employed throughout your period of leave.

You can receive childbirth benefit when you have a greencard. You must, however, be aware that the childbirth benefit cannot be included in the minimum wage amount which you have to earn during the 12 months before the submission of an application for extension.

The months during which you get childbirth benefit will be subtracted the 12 months, and the wage demand will, thus, be proportionally reduced.


If you have had maternity or parental leave during 4 of the 12 months before submission of an application for extension, the wage demand will be only 8/12 (eight twelfths) of the minimum amount, according to the year you received your greencard permit. The amount is stated in your permit letter.

Your child must have its own residence permit.

As soon as possible the child has to get a passport from the homeland authorities.

As soon as the child has received its passport you must submit an application on behalf of the child as an accompanying family member.

You can find find more information, and also apply here.

Your residence permit will lapse if you give up your Danish residence or if you stay outside Denmark for more than 6 months.

Lapse of residence permit means that you no longer have the right to reside in Denmark.

Thus, if you plan to stay outside Denmark for more than 6 months it is important to apply for a dispensation from lapse before you leave the country.

You can find more information on dispensation from lapse and apply for it here.

If your child is born outside Denmark and you wish to bring it with you back to Denmark you will have to submit an application on behalf of the child from abroad.

You can find more information here.

It is a condition that you can support the child, and you will have to document employment and a sufficient salary in Denmark.

You can find more information about this condition here.

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