SIRI has refused your application for a residence permit in Denmark. What can you do next?

You can appeal by sending a letter or an email to or by calling the Immigration Appeals Board, Adelgade 13, 1304 Copenhagen K, email, tel.: +45 61 98 38 00.

There are no formal requirements to how you should write the appeal, but you should state your personal ID, the case number of the case you are appealing and a copy of SIRIs decision.

On the website of the Immigration Appeals Board you can find more information about what you can do to further the processing of your appeal.

If you want to appeal the decision you have received, you must create a new case order ID for the appeal case. In addition, you must simultaneously with the appeal pay a fee.

You can create the case order ID and pay the fee here

If you want to appeal, you must do this within 8 weeks of receiving the decision.

If the Immigration Appeals Board finds grounds to do so, they will ask SIRI to re-process your case. The case will be returned to SIRI for renewed processing.

After SIRI has processed your application again, you will receive a new decision.

If you case is returned to SIRI for renewed processing, your fee will be returned to you.

If SIRI refuses your application while you are staying in Denmark, we must, as a general rule, give you a time limit for when you must leave Denmark.

This is called a time limit for departure.

You are not allowed to work when you have been given a time limit for departure. You can only use the time period to prepare to leave Denmark.

SIRI will notify your employer if salary has been registered in e-Income on your behalf  during the past 3 months prior to the decision.

Notification is performed to prevent employers from being punished for employing you without the necessary work permit.

If you think that you now meet the conditions for a residence permit, you can submit a new application.

If you have been given a time limit for your departure, you are not allowed to submit a new application in Denmark. You can submit the application in your home country or another country in which you have been staying legally for at least 3 months before you submit the application.

If you have any question concerning the received decision, you can contact us.

If you have new information in your case which has not been part of your application, you can ask SIRI to reopen your case and take the new information into consideration.

The new information must meet two conditions:

  • They must be substantial enough to ensure a certain probability that SIRI would have reached a different decision, had the information been known before we made the decision.
  • They must concern circumstances already present when SIRI refused your application.

If you wish for SIRI to reopen your case, you must create a new case order ID for use in SIRIs evaluation of whether or not the case can be reopened and you must pay a fee.

You can create a new case order ID and pay the fee here.

You must be aware that there can be several reasons why you do not meet the conditions for a residence permit. If we upon application decide to reopen your case, we must once again evaluate if you meet all conditions for a residence permit based on the ground you have applied for.

An appeal in and of itself does not give you the right to remain in Denmark while the Immigration Appeals Board processes your appeal.

The Immigration Appeals Board can decide that you can remain in Denmark while the appeal is being processed - but only if specific reasons speak for this. 

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