Reduction of the collateral guarantee

In connection to your application for family reunification, your spouse/partner in Denmark must normally post DKK 113,823.30 (2024 level) in collateral in the form of a financial guarantee. You can apply to have the demand guarantee reduced by DKK 22,764.66 (2024 level) when you have passed a test in Danish at A1 level.

The demand guarantee can be reduced by another DKK 11,382.33 (2024 level) if you pass a test in Danish at A2 level. Read more about the tests in Danish.

Finally, the demand guarantee is reduced by a further DKK 11,382.33 (2024 level) when you have passed a final Danish language test under the Act on Danish courses for adult foreigners. 

Release of the collateral guarantee

The demand guarantee can be released if you:

  • have been granted a permanent residence permit, or
  • have been granted a residence permit on other grounds.

The demand guarantee can also be released once it has been posted for a total period of 10 years from the start date of the original guarantee and the guarantee has not expired yet. 

Furthermore, the demand guarantee can be released if your residence permit has expired, lapsed, been revoked or denied extension, and your spouse/partner can document that you have left Denmark or have died. Any public assistance paid to you must have been repaid.

Your spouse/partner in Denmark cannot have the demand guarantee released simply because the two of you are no longer living together, or because the two of you have filed for or have been granted separation/divorce.

If you have already passed one or more of the above mentioned tests in Danish at the time when you are granted your residence permit, the amount for which the collateral must be posted will be reduced already at that time.

If you have any questions about the reduction or release of the demand guarantee, please contact your local municipality.