Published 31-05-2023

SIRI makes it mandatory to use online application forms for several types of applications

As of 1 June 2023, it will become mandatory to use an online application form when submitting several types of applications to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI). This is already a requirement for a number of application types.

As of 1 June 2023, online application forms will become mandatory for the following types of applications as well (the name of the relevant application form is given in parentheses):

  • Application for residence and work permit on grounds of salaried work (AR1 online)
  • Application for a residence and work permit as a PhD student (PHD1 online)
  • Application for a residence and work permit as a family member of a foreign national who is to work or study in Denmark (MF1 online)
  • Application for a residence and work permit as an intern (PR1/3 online) - except for commuters
  • Application for a residence and work permit as a volunteer or in order to obtain a Danish authorization as a doctor, dentist or nurse (XG1 online)
  • Application for dispensation to prevent a residence permit from lapsing (BF1/2 online)

This means that you must use the relevant application form made available by SIRI at, if you wish to submit one of the applications listed above. 

If you do not submit an online application form, SIRI can reject the application. This means that the application will not be processed, and you must then apply again. Under special circumstances, you can be exempted from the requirement to use an online application form. You can read more here.

Using the online application forms has a number of benefits. When you submit an online application form to SIRI, the form will help you make sure that you have provided us with all of the relevant and necessary information. The questions within the online application forms adapt to the individual user, as you complete the form. Afterwards, all of the information that you have written in the form is directly transferred to the agency’s case processing systems. This provides a faster and more flexible case processing, and by extension, improved service for our users.

For more information

You can read more about the mandatory use of online application forms and the possibility of being exempted here.

You can also find the updated executive order no. 543 of 9 May 2023 here. (in Danish only) 

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