Published 30-06-2022 - Last updated: 01-07-2022

New requirements for interns in the green sector in fields with a lack of places of apprenticeships

There is currently a general lack of places of apprenticeships in all fields of the green sector (the agricultural, veterinary, forestry and horticultural field).

Therefore, it is a condition for applications submitted from 1 July 2022, that the place of internship either:

All applications must include a signed declaration from the place of internship stating that they fulfill the requirements regarding the employment or sought employment of apprentices. 

The declaration can be found here (in Danish only)

There is general lack of places of apprenticeships when more than 5 percent of the students undergoing vocational education do not have an apprenticeship or are in schooling after the second basic course.

Statistics concerning this can be found on the Ministry of Children and Education’s website (in Danish only)

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