Published 07-01-2022

Longer telephone waiting times

If you call SIRI at the moment, you will experience longer waiting times.

Approximately half of all current calls to SIRI are enquiries about the status of a case. Among other things, this is caused by long case processing times which we are continuously working to reduce.

Read more about SIRI’s expected case processing times for the first quarter of 2022

If you have received a letter of confirmation from us, this means that we have received your application or documents, and there is no need to call us to ask about your case.

However, you are welcome to call if you have other questions, such as questions about SIRI’s different case types.

If you have any questions related to coronavirus, e.g., if you have been given a deadline to leave Denmark but are unable to meet it, you can find more information here.

Read more information for SIRI's users about coronavirus/COVID-19

We apologize for the long waiting times and will reply as soon as possible.

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