Published 15-12-2021

Resumption of cases under the Pay Limit Scheme and the Fast-Track Scheme (Pay Limit Track), where an application has been refused with reference to the Danish Aliens Act, section 9 (26)

On 16 November 2021, SIRI announced that a letter of guidance would be sent to the affected applicants no later than mid-December 2021, describing how to request that their case be re-opened.

SIRI has now contacted the affected applicants.

The background for this guidance about having a case be re-opened is the fact that the Immigrations Appeals Board processed the first appeal cases under the Danish Aliens Act, section 9 (26) in October 2021, which led to an adjustment of the processing of cases for applicants who have previously had a residence and work permit under the Pay Limit Scheme under this rule.

If you believe that you may be affected by the adjustment of case processing, and that you are entitled to have your case be re-opened, but have not been contacted by SIRI, you can request that your case be re-opened. If your case is re-opened, SIRI will assess whether your meet the other conditions for a residence and work permit.

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