Published 29-11-2021

New agreement regarding easier access to residence and work permits for foreign nationals employed by pre-approved companies in The Faroe Islands (Fast Track agreement for The Faroe Islands)

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration and the Faeroese ministry of environment, industry and trade (Umhvørvis- og Vinnumálaráðið), have entered into an agreement on 4 November 2021 regarding faster access to residence and work permits in The Faroe Islands. The agreement has taken effect from 18 November 2021.

The agreement means that foreign workforce can apply for a residence and work permit at a pre-approved company if their terms of employment correspond to Faroese standards and other conditions are met, without having their cases sent for assessment at the Faroese Immigration Office.

The Faroese Immigration Office can pre-approve companies, that employ workforce with salary and terms of employment that correspond to Faroese standards and when there are special labour market consideration that warrant it. The agreement will be suspended if the unemployment rate in the Faroe Islands exceeds 3,5% for a period of time.

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration processes applications for the individual residence and work permits from foreign applicants who wish to work in the Faroe Islands at a pre-approved company.

Applications for a residence and work permit under the Fast Track scheme can be submitted from the Faroe Islands if the applicant has legal stay. The processing time is up to 1 month from application date.

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