Published 31-08-2020

Plan your visit to one of SIRI's citizen's centres

Be considerate when you book an appointment to appear in person at one of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integrations (SIRI) 6 branch offices.

SIRI encourages all visitors to show consideration to other visitors and to SIRI's employees. Be considerate when you book an appointment and when you appear in person.

Be on time

Please arrive no sooner than 5-10 minutes before the appointed time. If you arrive sooner, SIRI will not be able to ensure compliance with the protective measures currently in effect in regard to the risk of infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Limit the risk of infection

Sanitize your hands at arrival and keep your distance to other visitors in the citizen centre thereby also reducing your own risk of infection. If you show any symptoms of COVID-19 you must not appear in person. Read more about the current guidelines for COVID-19 on the website of the Danish Health Authority: (new window)

Remember to cancel

If you are unable to appear at the appointed time, you must cancel your appointment. This way other users can benefit from your canceled appointment. Information on how to cancel your appointment can be found at the end of the email you received when you booked your appointment.

Bring your passport or ID-card

Always remember to bring your passport or your national ID-card.

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