Published 01-07-2020

New residence scheme based on labour market attachment

On 23 June 2020 the Danish parliament passed a law establishing a new residence scheme based on attachment to the Danish labour market.

The scheme encompasses foreign nationals, including refugees, people residing in Denmark based on family reunification and accompanying family members to a foreign national working in Denmark, whose previous basis for residence has been revoked or an extension has been refused, but who have been employed in Denmark for at least 2 years.

With the new residence scheme these foreign nationals are allowed to remain in Denmark while they are employed in the job in question.

Foreign nationals who are granted a residence permit based on the new residence scheme, are also able to change jobs, if they are offered employment with the same or improved salary and terms of employment within the same professional field.

The new regulations also automatically grant foreign nationals, whose residence permit based on the Labour Market Attachment Scheme or the scheme on job change within the same professional field has been revoked or an extension has been refused, a job seeking permit valid for 3 months from the date of termination of employment, if the foreign national has lost the job through no fault of their own.

The law takes effect on 1 July 2020.

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