Published 01-07-2020

New Positive List for skilled work takes effect 1 July 2020

The Danish parliament has decided that starting 1 July 2020 a new Positive List for skilled work must be established. SIRI therefore now publishes the new Positive List which will be in effect until 31 December 2020. If you apply for a residence and work permit after the Positive List for Skilled Work, you must make sure that your jobtitle is included in the new positive list.

Like the current Positive List, the new Positive List for Skilled Work is based on the Labour Market Balance produced by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment (STAR). This means that only job titles with a shortage of qualified labour can be included on the Positive List for Skilled Work. In addition, it must be a skilled work job title.

In order for the applicant to be granted a residence permit under the scheme, salary and terms of employment must correspond to Danish standards and the employer must fulfill certain societal educational obligations regarding training of apprentices as stated in the scheme regarding Employer's Contribution to Education (Arbejdsgivernes Uddannelsesbidrag or AUB).

At the same time, the current Positive List changes its name to 'the Positive List for the Highly Educated'.

You can see the job titles on the new Positive List for Skilled work here

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