Published 14-11-2019

SIRI warns against fraudulent emails

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has had an incident involving fraudulent emails where an unknown person has posed as a SIRI employee in an email correspondence with an applicant. The applicant was asked to pay an amount into a foreign bank account and was told that the amount would cover the fee for SIRI's processing of a residence permit.

SIRI therefore want to emphasize the following:

  • Payment of the case processing fee to SIRI can only be done through the payment solution on
  • Payment of the case processing fee to SIRI is always dependent on the initial creation of a so-called case order ID on This case order ID must always be used when paying the fee.
  • SIRI does not ask for payment of a fee by email. If a fee has not been paid, we will always notify the applicant in the form of a regular letter sent through e-Boks (recipients in Denmark) or through a diplomatic mission of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (recipients abroad).
  • SIRI does not communicate with applicants about specific cases by email. If we need to contact an applicant, we will send a letter to the applicant's e-Boks or through a diplomatic mission of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • With certain limitations, SIRI will answer general questions, i.e. questions not concerned with a specific case, by email.
  • SIRI regards the information that a person is currently applying for residence in Denmark as confidential information. SIRI will therefore not send emails containing such information.
  • Outside of Denmark SIRI cooperates exclusively with the diplomatic missions of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (embassies and consulates general).

SIRI recommends for all applicants to be aware of whether an email from SIRI could be fraudulent. This may be the case if:

  • The email concerns a specific case regarding residence in Denmark.
  • The sender of the email asks for you to pay an amount to a specific bank account. It is only possible to pay a fee on
  • The email contains spelling errors or errors in the agency's or ministry's name.

Finally we recommend that you contact SIRI directly, if you suspect that the e-mail you have received from SIRI could be fake.

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