Published 28-05-2019

Starting 1 July 2019 host families must pay DKK 17,300 for Danish language lessons for their au pair

Payment of Danish lessons is a condition for granting a residence permit as an au pair in Denmark. It is the host family that has to pay the amount which must be paid regardless of whether the au pair makes use of the offer to receive Danish lessons or not.

The Danish parliament has passed a bill (L 133) concerning full user payment for Danish lessons as part of the Au pair scheme. The change to the Au pair executive order will take effect 1 July 2019.

This entails the following changes for applicants for residence permits as au pairs in Denmark:

  • The change will take effect on 1 July 2019 and will cover all applications submitted from this date forward.
  • The payment of DKK 17,300 will cover the Danish state's expenses for Danish lessons.
  • The amount only needs to be paid if the applicant is applying for his or her first residence permit as an au pair in Denmark. Starting 1. July 2019 the amount need not be paid if the au pair changes his or her host family. Until 30 June 2019 an amount of DKK 5,380 must be paid when the applicant changes his or her host family.

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