Published 29-12-2018

Amendment of the Au pair executive order concerning the obligation of host families to take out statutory insurance for their future au pair.

The Au pair executive order will be amended with effect from 1 January 2019, so that The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) can only grant a residence permit in Denmark as an au pair when the host family has documented that they have taken out the statutory insurance for the au pair. There is no change in the type of insurance which must be taken out.

As part of the processing of an application SIRI will in the future check whether the necessary insurance has been taken out before issuing a residence permit to an au pair.

This will happen when SIRI has assessed that all other conditions for a residence permit as an au pair have been met. The host family will at this time be asked to pay an amount for co-financing of Danish lessons and to prove that the necessary insurance has been taken out.

According to the rules in effect up until now, it has been the responsibility of the host families themselves to make sure that insurance was taken out and valid from the date of entry of the au pair.

The purpose of the amendment to the Au pair executive order is to avoid that au pairs reside in Denmark without being covered by insurance against work-related injuries, insurance covering leisure time and accidents and insurance covering transportation to the home country in the case of death, serious illness or injury. The change will also mean that fewer host families will inadvertently violate the rules.

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