Published 23-03-2023 - Last updated: 24-03-2023

New rules for residence permits based on work and study

On 23 March 2023 the Danish Parliament passed a number of amendments to the Danish Aliens Act in the areas of work and study with the purpose of strengthening the international recruitment. It is possible to apply for a residence permit under the new schemes from 1 April 2023 when the schemes come into effect.

The new rules to the work schemes imply the creation of a supplementary Pay Limit scheme and of a supplementary pay limit track under Fast Track scheme, both with an annual salary’s minimum amount of DKK 375,000. Additionally, a company will be able to apply for a certification to the Fast track scheme while having at least 10 full-time employees employed on a permanent basis instead of 20.

Moreover, the Positive List for People with a Higher Education and the Start-up Denmark scheme will open up for a broader range of applicants.

As for changes to the study schemes, third-country nationals that complete a Danish professional bachelor, bachelor, master or PhD programme will automatically be granted a job seeking period of 3 years with the right to work for three years after having completed the educational programme.

The new rules come into effect as of 1 April 2023, when it will be possible to apply under the new schemes.

The relevant application pages and materials will be published on on 1 April 2023.

You can find more information on the new rules on the Danish Parliament's website (in Danish only)

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