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The contact person arrangement

If you represent an organisation with several foreign employees, you can be given a contact person from the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.

Your company's foreign employees must be from countries outside EU/EEA/Switzerland and must have been granted a residence and work permit based on employment with your company.

The contact person can give you quick and targeted information and advice about legislation and guidelines in connection with application procedures etc.

The contact between your organisation and the contact person will take place via phone and email. If needed, weekly or monthly phone meetings can be arranged, and also face-to-face meetings are possible.

The main purpose of the contact person arrangement is to offer general information. However, companies with 5 or more foreign employees will also be able to ask their contact person about the status of ongoing applications.

For further information about the contact person arrangement please call +45 72 14 20 01 or write to

If you call us, you will receive guidance as a supplement to the information available here on

Read more about what you can expect if you call us

Last update: 12/9/2015
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