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Representation agreements

In some countries Denmark does not have a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general), or the Danish diplomatic mission does not have a visa division and therefore cannot issue visas.

In these countries Denmark normally has an agreement with another Schengen country whose diplomatic mission will then process visa applications for Denmark. 

This agreement allows the applicant to apply for a visa in these countries.

Applications submitted at another country's diplomatic mission

When an applicant submits his/her application to a foreign diplomatic mission processing visas for Denmark, the mission will determine whether a visa can be granted in accordance with the country’s own visa regulations.

Foreign diplomatic missions with which Denmark has representation agreements, can turn down the application without prior consulting with The Danish Immigration Service. These applications are processed in accordance with the respective country regulations. Should an applicant wish to appeal such a decision, the appeal should be filed with these countries’ authorities duly authorised to process the appeal. Thus, The Danish Immigration Service, The Immigration Appeals Board, and The Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration are not involved in the outcome of these appeals.

Should an applicant wish to have his/her visa application processed and decided by a Danish authority, the application must be submitted to a Danish overseas diplomatic mission processing visa applications. It is a prerequisite that the applicant is staying legally on a permanent or temporary basis in the country in which the application is submitted.

The foreign diplomatic missions may require other documentation to be filed with the visa application. Applicants are therefore advised to contact the diplomatic mission prior to the submission to get acquainted with said document requirements and any waiting time. 

Please be aware that if a visa application is to be submitted to a foreign diplomatic mission, the online invitation forms can only be used to a limited extent. Though it may be possible for the host to use the online form, the foreign diplomatic missions cannot see the invitation in their case processing system as they do not have access to the Danish authorities' systems. Consequently, the host will have to download a PDF-version of the completed invitation on MyPage, print it, sign it by hand and finally send it to the applicant who can then hand it in to the diplomatic mission.

You can find a list of countries where you can apply for a visa and a residence permit to Denmark on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last update: 7/19/2017
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