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Service goals

For most types of applications, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration has defined service goals, that is, maximum time limits for how long applicants should wait for a decision.

The service goal is calculated starting from the date the agency receives a fully completed application. An application is considered fully completed if it contains all required information, has been signed correctly, and includes all required documentation.

The agency determines whether an application is fully completed. The vast majority of applications are fully completed when submitted, and applicants typically will not hear from the agency until the decision is sent. If the application is not fully completed, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible. This is often the case for Greencard applicants with a foreign education.

The service goals for first-time applications vary from one to three months, depending on case type. Service goals may change depending on seasonal fluctuations in the volume of cases being processed.

As an example, the service goal for first-time applications for researchers is one month. Consequently, a fully completed application submitted on 1 February 2016 will be processed no later than 1 March 2016.

Case type: Maximum processing time (fully completed application):
The Positive List *
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1 month
The Pay Limit scheme *
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1 month
Researchers 1 month
PhDs 1 month
Establishment card 1 month
Athletes and coaches * 1 month
The Greencard scheme
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3 months
Other employees *
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1 month
Students 2 months
Au pairs 3 months
Interns 2 months
Accompanying family members (in the area of work and studies) 2 months
Volunteers 3 months
Working Holiday 3 months
Extension of residence permit 3 months
Residence and work permit in Greenland, first time application and temporary extension 3 months
Residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands, first time application and temporary extension 3 months

* Cases which need to be sent to a hearing have a service goal of 3 months.

Last update: 2/9/2016
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