The Immigration Service may revoke or refuse to extend your temporary residence permit if the grounds on which it was granted were false or no longer apply, for example, if the Immigration Service assesses that you no longer risk persecution if you return to your home country. This may be the case e.g. if general conditions in your home country have changed so that you no longer are in need of protection, for example, due to a shift in political power in the country.

If your residence permit is revoked or an extension is denied the Immigration Service will inform your possible current and previous employers, who have reported salary to you in the income register within the last 3 months from the time of the decision.

Your residence permit can be revoked or an extension denied for a number of reasons explained below.


The Immigration Service has the right to revoke your residence permit if you are found to have obtained it by giving the authorities false information. This applies regardless of whether you hold a temporary or a permanent residence permit.

Other circumstances

The Immigration Service has the right to revoke or refuse to extend your residence permit if you are considered a threat to national security, to public order, safety or health. Your residence permit can also be revoked if you are a war criminal, or have committed serious non-political crime outside Denmark. Finally, your residence permit can be revoked or extension can be refused if, while outside Denmark, you have been convicted of a crime which would warrant deportation if committed in Denmark.

Travelling to your home country

If you travel to your home country, your residence permit may be revoked.

If you give up your address in Denmark due to repatriation, i.e. a voluntary, permanent return to your home country, you have the right to a period to reconsider.

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When assessing whether your residence permit kan be revoked or extension can be refused Denmark’s international obligations must be considered.

Longer stays abroad can make the residence permit lapse

If you leave Denmark for an extended period of time, or if you no longer maintain a residence in Denmark, your residence permit can lapse.

If you keep a residence in Denmark, there is a limit to how long you may be outside the country if you wish to keep the residence permit. If you do not return to Denmark within the time limit, the residence permit will automatically lapse.

However, special rules apply in asylum cases. You will only lose the residence permit when you have voluntarily returned to your home country or have been granted protection in a safe third country.

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