You have a residence permit based on a specific employment with a specific employer.

If there are made significant changes to your employment you must apply for a new residence and work permit. 

If your residence permit is not based on a specific employment, e.g. you are an accompanying family member or have an Establishment card, changes to your employment will have no consequences for your permit.


Here you can see som examples of when you must apply for a new work permit:

  • You are offered a new position with a new employer
  • You are given the responsibility of a manager or the responsibility of a manager is taken away from you
  • You are seconded to Denmark and are offered a permanent employment in Denmark

If you find a new job, while you are employed, you can start your new job before you are granted a new residence and work permit.  You just have to submit your application at the latest on the same day when you start your new job.

Read more about the job changing rule and when it applies here.

If you change jobs and submit a new application for a residence and work permit under the Pay Limit scheme, you must pay attention to the fact that the minimum amount is regulated every year on 1 January.

Here you can see some examples of situations where you do not need a new permit:

  • You have a salary increase
  • Your employment is temporary and you are offerede permanent employment
  • You change department in the company (under the same but your position does not change
  • You get a new titel
  • The name for the type of your employment changes generally in the company
  • You are an engineer and become senior engineer without further changes to you job description
  • Business transfer.  The entire company or the part of the company where you are employed is transferred to a new owner. The business transfer is regulated by the law of business transfers.
  • The company changes from a one-man business to a limited company, public or private, or to a limited liability company, the does not change

In these sitautions you must only remember to apply for an extension in due time, if relevant.

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