Questions and answers

Once the Immigration Service receives your application for a residence permit, we will evaluate it along with the enclosed documentation. The Immigration Service will then decide whether to accept it for processing or to reject it. If your application is accepted for processing, the Immigration Service will evaluate whether you can be granted a residence permit. Your application can be rejected if:

If your application is rejected, you will need to submit a new application.

If the Immigration Service accepts your application for processing, we will check if you are registered in the Schengen Information System (SIS).

If the Immigration Service receives information that doesn’t correspond with the information you provided, you will normally be asked to explain the discrepancies before we make a decision.

When the Immigration Service receives your application, we will send you (the applicant) or your family member in Denmark, a letter confirming that it has been received. The letter also includes general information, such as expected maximum processing times and whether you have the right to stay in Denmark while your application is being processed. If your application can be processed within 30 days, you will not receive a letter confirming that we have received it.

If your application includes all the information required, is signed and includes the necessary documentation, you normally won’t hear from us again until we reach a decision.

If we require further information in order to reach a decision, we will contact you.

If we exceed the expected maximum processing time, because we, for example, needed to obtain further information in order to reach a decision, we will send you a letter before the processing time is exceeded informing you of the new expected processing time.

The Immigration Service has set maximum expected processing times for applications for residence permits based on family reunification. The processing time is the maximum amount of time you can normally expect to wait before receiving a decision.

The expected maximum processing time for applications on family reunification is:

9 months

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If you submit your application in Denmark and the Immigration Service accepts it for processing, you will be granted procedural residence while you await the decision. Procedural residence means that you are allowed to stay temporarily in Denmark while the Immigration Service decides whether you can be granted a residence permit.

If you are granted procedural residence, you are not allowed to work, even if it is voluntary/unpaid work, unless you otherwise have been granted the right to work. If you work illegally, you risk being expelled and banned from entering Denmark again for a set period of time. You also risk a fine or imprisonment, as does your employer.

If you have been granted procedural residence and wish to travel abroad while your application is being processed, you can apply for a re-entry permit. A re-entry permit allows you to return to Denmark even though you do not hold a valid residence permit.

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