Visa-facilitation agreements have the following benefits:

  • The requirements for documenting the purpose of a journey are simpler for certain groups of people
  • Diplomatic-passport holders do not require visas
  • Certain groups of people can have more than one long-term visa covering several entries
  • The regular visa application fee is €35
  • Certain groups of people do not have to pay the visa application fee
  • The maximum processing time is 30 days

List of agreements

Denmark has visa-facilitation agreements with the following countries. Click on the country name to read the agreement (date of entry into force in brackets).

Montenegro (1 August 2008)

Albania (1 December 2008)

Ukraine (1 March 2009)

Ukraine (amendments 1 January 2016)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 April 2009)

Serbia (1 May 2009)

Russia (1 October 2009)
From 12 September 2022 the visa agreement between Denmark and Russia is suspended. Read more here

Moldova (1 September 2011)

Armenia (1 December 2023)

Citizens of some of these countries can travel visa-free if they have a biometric passport. Read more about countries with visa requirements and visa-free countries