On 8 November 2022, the Council adopted a decision on the suspension in whole of the application of the agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Vanuatu on short-stay visa waivers.

This means that as of 4 February 2023, no citizens from Vanuatu can enter Denmark visa free.

Therefore, all citizens from Vanuatu are required to have a visa and must apply for and obtain a visa to Denmark if they wish to enter Denmark as of 4 February 2023. Read more about applying for a short stay visa to Denmark

The suspension in whole of the visa waiver agreement for citizens of Vanuatu is due to the fact that Vanuatu operates investor citizenship schemes whereby it has granted Vanuatu nationality to nationals of other countries with no previous connection to Vanuatu, issuing positive decisions on the vast majority of applications. This raises doubts as to the reliability of the security screening and due diligence carried out by the Vanuatu authorities. The Commission has come to the conclusion that the screening of applications for the investor citizenship schemes in Vanuatu does not guarantee a high level of security. Read the Council's decision in its entirety