If there is information available which indicates that being granted a residence permit would be at odds with the interests of the child, the Immigration Service will ask the municipal authority for a statement before processing the case.

The child's stay abroad

If a child's residence permit has lapsed, and the Danish Immigration Service decides that there can be no dispensation, the Immigration Service will also consider whether the child can be granted a new residence permit.

In cases in which a child loses his/her residence permit after residing abroad, a new residence permit can only be granted if it is in the child’s best interest.

This will always depend on a specific assessment.

In the assessment, the Immigration Service will consider:

  • The duration and character of the child’s residence in Denmark compared with the child’s stay in his/her homeland.
  • The country in which the child has spent the majority of his/her childhood.
  • Where the child has attended school and the languages spoken by the child
  • Family ties and social networks

It is given special consideration if the child has resided in Denmark in his/her formative years.

If the child was forced to live abroad against his/her will on a re-education visit or another visit of negative impact, it will normally speak for a new residence permit in Denmark to the child.