SIRI conducts various types of spot checks and verification procedures. We collaborate nationally as well as internationally with relevant authorities, e.g. the Police, SKAT - the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, the Danish Working Environment Authority.

SIRI conducts verifications and spot checks to prevent and fight illegal stays and work. Regardless whether the illegal stay and work take place because of a lack of knowledge or intentional misuse.

SIRI verifies and checks whether foreign nationals are employed illegally and whether they receive benefits that they are not allowed to receive on the basis of their residence permits.

SIRI also verifies and checks that the information put forward in an application for a residence permit is correct.

SIRI has different methods to conduct verification and checks.

If SIRI, for example, suspects that an applicant has submitted false documents regarding his or her educational background, SIRI can request the Danish representation in the country where the education was allegedly obtained, to assess the documents. SIRI can also ask the police for assistance to assess documents. These are typically identity documents.

When a foreign national has been granted a residence permit in Denmark, SIRI primarily makes use of comparison between different registries. SIRI compares data from CPR (the Civil Registration System), eIncome (eIndkomst, the official income registry), and the Buildings and Housing Registry with data from SIRI’s own case processing system. This way SIRI become aware if a foreign national is working without the necessary work permit. SIRI also become aware of foreign nationals that are receiving benefits that the foreign national is not allowed to receive on the basis of his or her residence permit.

You can read more about comparison between different registries here

Furthermore, SIRI can among other things request employers, host families or the Danish Customs and Tax Administration for information in case there are circumstances that SIRI cannot verify and check by comparing information from different systems.

SIRI participates in verification and spot check visits to companies. This takes places in collaboration with other authorities, among others the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, the Danish Working Environment Authority, and the police. During these visits SIRI assists the police with checks on the basis of the foreign national's stay in Denmark, e.g. if the foreign national is employed illegally.

If an employer draws tax information regarding a foreign national, whose tax card has been created after September 2012, SIRI is informed by SKAT - the Danish Customs and Tax Administration. SIRI then verifies and checks whether the foreign national has the necessary permit to work in Denmark.

In order to target the verification procedures and checks SIRI generally keeps track of how residence and work permits are being used. SIRI also analyses patterns and tendencies in relation to violations of permits.

SIRI verifies and checks foreign nationals wiho are citizens of countries outside the Nordic Countries, EU/EEA or Switzerland. The verification procedure and checks focuses on foreign nationals applying for – or who have already been granted – a residence permit to study or work in Denmark.

The verification also focuses on employers, educational institutions, places of internship, and au pair host families linked to a residence permit.