Salary must be paid to a Danish bank account.

This condition applies to you if you are granted a residence and/or work permit under 

  • The Fast Track Scheme
  • The Pay Limit Scheme
  • The Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme
  • The Positive List for People with a Higher Education
  • The Positive List for Skilled Work
  • Researchers
  • Special individual qualifications
  • Herdsmen and farm managers
  • Labour market attachment
  • Change of job within the same professional field which formed the basis for the original residence permit due to labour market attachment
  • Interns

Please note that this condition does not apply to you if you are granted residence permit under either the Positive list for People with a Higher Education, the Researcher Scheme or the researcher track under the Fast-track Scheme and your employment does not exceed 180 days from entering Denmark. A permit for such short term employment can only be granted once within a period of 12 months.

Consequently only salary in the form of liquid assets can be included in the assessment of whether you are offered work- and salary conditions that correspond to Danish standards, or whether your salary meets the pay limit under the Pay Limit Scheme or the pay limit track under the Fast-track Scheme. Please note that expenses for rent, lunch or similar cannot be deducted before the salary is paid to a Danish bank account.

The conditions that salary must be paid to a Danish bank account does not apply to you if you are a foreign national covered by EU-regulation including the Assocation Agreement with Türkiye.

Neither does it apply to you if you have been granted a residence permit as an accompanying family member, not even if your employment requires a specific work permit.

Please find further guidance on ordinary salary and work conditions here.

The Danish bank account must be opened no later than 90 days after the date of being granted a Danish residence and work permit, or 90 days after the employee enters Denmark, whichever happens last.

Your salary during your first 90 days in Denmark can be paid to a foreign bank account.

If you already hold a residence permit for no less than 3 months, your salary must be paid to a Danish bank account from the first payment of salary.