When we say that your salary and terms of employment must correspond to Danish standards, we mean that your salary, holiday entitlements, terms of notice etc. must not be inferior to the standards within the professional field in Denmark in which you are going to work.

Therefore, you must generally be offered full-time employment (normally 37 hours per week).

The EU Working Time Directive determines that the average weekly working hours within a 4 month period must not be higher than 48 hours.

Please note that the so called "70-year rule" was repealed as of 1 January 2016. This means that it is no longer possible to agree to a contract stating that the employment ends when the employer reaches a certain age.

Furthermore, please note that Danish employment contracts must comply with current regulation on job, competition and customer clauses, cf. the Act on employment clauses of 1 January 2016. Employment contracts not complying with this act are not corresponding to Danish standards.

When you apply, you must submit a copy of your employment contract or a specific job offer which contains all the terms of employment. 

If SIRI has any doubts whether your salary and terms of employment correspond to Danish standards, we can ask experts in the field, e.g. one of the regional labour market councils, to assess the terms of employment.

If the experts find that the terms of your contract do not correspond to Danish standards, we will then request your comments before we make a decision in your case.

Generally, there has to be a certain proportionality between paid salary and other salary forms such as diet and lodging, per diems, free car, telephone or the like offered by your employer. generally, paid salary has to pose a majority of the total salary.

Uncertain salary such as piecework, commission or bonus can normally not be included in our salary estimation.

Likewise, expenses for travels to or from Denmark paid by your employer cannot normally be included in our salary estimation.

Please note that on the pay limit scheme there are additional conditions as to the composition of salary. Look here for further infomation.

Please follow link for specific information on working hours as a researcher and under the Pay Limit Scheme.