In order to be granted a residence and work permit after the Supplementary Pay Limit scheme and the Fast Track scheme's supplementary pay limit track, it is a condition that the seasonally adjusted gross unemployment in Denmark does not exceed a level established by the Minister of Immigration and Integration. This means that the unemployment rate in Denmark must be low. If gross unemployment on average exceeds 3.75 pct. for the last three months, you will not be able to be granted a residence and work permit.

The average seasonally adjusted gross unemployment rate for the last 3 months is:

2.9 pct.

If you submit an application when the gross unemployment exceeds 3.75 pct., your application will be rejected and your fee will be refunded.

March 2024: 2.9 pct.

February 2024: 2.9 pct.

January 2024: 2.9 pct. 

Where do we get the numbers?

The numbers are based on unemployment statistics from Statistics Denmark, which publish the official numbers for the register based gross unemployment every month. Statistics cover all registered unemployed since 2007 and calculated as full time unemployed. "Unemployed persons" are, according to Statistics Denmark, registered unemployed 16-64 years old people that are receiving unemployment insurance or job-ready receivers of cash benefits, incl. persons in activation schemes.

Statistics are issued every 30 days after the end of the reference month. Unemployment is effected by seasonal highs and lows and are therefore seasonally adjusted by Stastistics Denmark.