Documents you submit to SIRI, must normally be translated into English or one of the Nordic languages by a professional translator. As a rule, documents in other languages cannot be taken into consideration when making the decision.

It must be clear whom the submitted documentation is related to. This can be the case if, for example, your name, personal ID number or similar is stated in the document. If this is the case the, we say that the document is personally identifiable. This is necessary in order for us to consider the documentation in your case. Documents we cannot link to a specific person cannot, as a rule, be taken into consideration when SIRI makes its decision.

In some instances documents can be personally identifiable – i.e. be identified as linked to you – even if your name or personal ID number is not stated. This may be the case if other information in the document kan be linked to you – for example by using other documents. A nameless bank statement can be personally identifiable if the account number kan be linked to another document – e.g. an overview of accounts or a credit card – in which it can be seen that the account is yours. If you submit documentation which is personally identifiable through the use of other documents, please state this in a comment to the submitted documents.

Please note, if you submit a copy of your credit card, you should make sure that the 3 digit card security code on the back of the card is redacted in the copy for security reasons.

An example of a document that normally is not personally identifiable is an ordinary receipt for a purchase pay for in cash. This is not personally identifiable, since a receipt for a payment in cash does not state who has made the payment.

The documents you submit must be legible, readable and complete. This is regardless of whether you submit the documents in digital form or by regular post. When you copy or scan a document you must make sure that the entire document is copied or scanned and that the copy or scan is legible and readable.

If you submit photos of your documentation, you must make sure that the entire document is in the photo and that the photo I legible and readable. Photos of too low quality to be legible cannot be taken into consideration in our decision.

If you submit documentation through an online application form or the contact form on, we recommend that you send the documents in PDF format – in as few files as possible. For security reasons we are not able to open zip-files or access “cloud” based solutions  - such as Dropbox or Onedrive. You are therefore not able to send us a link to a server containing the documents. Documents send as zip-files or using a cloud based solution cannot be taken into consideration in our decision.

If the submitted documents do not conform to the abovementioned requirements, they cannot be taken into consideration in our decision. This can prolong the case processing time.