A commuter is a person who travels daily between Denmark and his or her country of residence in order to work.

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA with an address and a residence permit in another country than Denmark, you can be granted a work permit in Denmark, provided that you meet the conditions for obtaining a permit under one of our work schemes.

You can read more about the schemes here.

A commuter must hold a Danish work permit in order to work in Denmark.

If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland, you do not need a work permit. This means that you are free to take employment in Denmark. 

You and your Danish employer (e.g. the company, research institution or sports club) are both required to contribute to the application.

You can find specific guidelines on how to submit an application on the “How to apply” tab of all residence permit schemes.

You can find an overview of the various residence permit schemes here

The easiest and fastest option is to apply online.

You do not apply for a residence permit as a commuter.

Therefore, you are not required to pay a fee for the processing of your case, and neither do you need to create a Case Order ID.

A work permit as a commuter does not allow you to live in Denmark. Therefore, you must remember to apply for a residence and work permit if you want to move to Denmark.

When you apply for a work permit as a commuter, you are not required to have your biometric features recorded.

Instead, you must have your photo and signature obtained.

If you submit your application in one of SIRI’s branches, you will have your photo and signature obtained at the same time.

If you submit your application online, you will have to book an appointment to obtain your photo and signature. Book an appointment here.